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Bora AyanoGlu

Composer - Songwriter - Commentator - Actor

Bora Ayanoğlu was born in 1946 in Istanbul. His mother, Şayeste Ayanoğlu, was the first woman theater owner of the Republic of Turkey. His father Sami Ayanoğlu is one of the most important movie directors, theater and cinema actors of the same period. Bora Ayanoğlu, who studied at Galatasaray High School, started acting career in Istanbul City Theater in 1963. Bora Ayanoğlu, who started music in the same years, is considered one of the most important names of early Turkish Pop Music history. Bora Ayanoğlu, who has over 300 songs and over 80 soundtrack compositions, has also acted as an actor in more than 50 movies and theater games  .

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Bora Ayanoğlu, who has a son named Bolkan, has twin grandchildren named Arya and Bora, born in 2010.

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